My favourite Ikea buys for Christmas

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This year I have had very little time to do the whole Christmas decorating thing.  Aside from having no time, we are also away for Christmas so I was being slightly (OK…let’s say ‘too’) practical about the whole thing.  The house was literally devoid of anything that hinted of the season.  So a week ago I cast practicality aside and bought a tree which immediately infused the house with a beautiful pine scent and all of a sudden it felt like Christmas had arrived. Finn and Pip were beside themselves with happiness to decorate the tree and watching them rediscover all the decorations was worth every pine needle that will drop (…and dead tree that will face us when we return in January).

That being said, we are actually not going to be here for Christmas so aside from the tree, I decided to keep it small and create some vignettes which can be dismantled and changed without too much fuss.  I had a few practical things to pick up at Ikea and while I was there I found a little treasure trove of easy items to add to the house at this time of year.  Most of them aren’t strictly Christmassy  but I am showing you how I am using these recent Ikea purchases to create a calm, clean, Christmas feel to the house.  Whether it’s a Scandi inspired grid tea towel as a mini table cloth or the ribbed water glasses as a vase – think outside the box and create some pretty areas in your home this Christmas too.

You can buy these love heart cookies from the Ikea food area – they make a very easy hostess gift.  Just string with ribbon to make a garland or tree decoration.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram recently you will know that I have also become somewhat obsessed by making mini-wreaths out of whatever greenery I have around the house – I recently did a little tutorial on Insta Stories, but if you are interested in making a larger wreath to hang, take a look here at my recent blog post.

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