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Leopard Print dress.jpg
Leopard Print dress.jpg

Last month when I caught up with my girlfriends for dinner, all of us arrived wearing leopard print - for some it was just a touch of animal print and for others a full outfit - but one thing was clear, whether you love it a little or a lot, leopard print is having a moment.

The first time I remember leopard print being fashionable I was 17. I was quite excited about trying this new somewhat glamorous trend until one of my friends at the time said that she would never wear animal print as a sign of respect for animal welfare. I was somewhat confused as I didn’t believe that the design of the fabric had unfairly treated animals but I nodded along and agreed that I too would never wear it either (inside I was a bit devastated). So here we are decades later and with no peer pressure, I have embraced leopard print with abandon. Currently, I have sandals, two dresses a skirt and a belt all in leopard print. To say I am on board with this trend would be an understatement.

It is likely that the leopard print trend will move on soon, so my advice is - don’t spend a lot, wear it often and hang on to it all for the next time this trend comes around.



Main Images: Dress, Zara | Fashion Contributor: Atelier Jacqueline | Photographer: Charlie Cameron

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