How a Children's Boutique Owner Styles Her Home

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If one gorgeous Cuckoo Little Lifestyle home wasn’t enough this week, here is another to set you swooning all over again.  Home to Francesca and her family, this gorgeous Black and White colonial house is light and airy and downright dreamy.  Benefitting from rooms with high ceilings, great proportions and stunning views of greenery from every window, Francesca has kept the interior style soft and uncluttered.

This feels like a proper family home, in part through some of the choices Francesca has made when styling the interiors. I love the use of wallpaper in the kids bedrooms – yes it’s a bit of a commitment when you are renting, but it is nearly always worth the effort (and cost) as it adds texture and pattern and can transform a room from plain to cosy and interesting.

As with the Cuckoo Little Lifestyle shop, there is a consistent style throughout – the rooms go together and there is nothing jarring in the mix (unlike my own home which can sometimes look like a few different people have had a hand in it’s rather random style!)

Girls Room

Sheer white cotton drapes and a soft muted colour palette create a dreamy atmosphere.  I adore the almost lace-like structure of the Byron Bay hanging chair and the Mrs Mighetto wallpaper brings interest to the walls and stops the room from feeling too white and stark.  A vintage green table also adds interest and a pop of colour.  If you have a reasonably large floor space, consider using smaller rugs to designate different areas of the room.

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Shared Room

This room is shared by a brother and sister so the colour palette needed to be reasonably neutral without being boring.  The soft grey tones and bright pop of yellow works perfectly.  Toddler sized tables and chairs ensure that everyone has a place to colour in and the teepee and bookcase create the perfect quiet corner. I also love the wallpaper in this room (chosen by Francesca’s 4 year old daughter!) and the Armadillo & Co sienna rug is super soft underfoot.

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This playroom is stylishly equipped for all manner of kids activities with a large desk, a daybed with plenty of cushions and toys galore.  It is bright and cheerful and relaxed.  I like the injection of colour and texture from the Fond Industries cushions and I love that throughout the kids rooms, the same display bookshelves have been used to encourage easy access and interest in books.

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To compliment their bricks and mortar store, Cuckoo Little Lifestyle recently opened a web shop so you can now shop all of their gorgeous items from the sofa.