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I am bringing you today one stunningly beautiful home, owned by Paddo to Palmy founder and creator, Heidi Correa.

I first met Heidi in Hong Kong when she moved from Singapore.  Since then, the family has returned to Sydney and upon returning they purchased a beautiful Paddington terrace and a home in Palm Beach. Heidi got to work renovating not one, but both properties, and Paddo to Palmy was born.  What started as a blog documenting the renovating and styling process for both properties, turned into a homewares and more lately, successful fashion business.

There are many upsides to being an expat, but there is one area of this expat experience that I am often struck by and it has nothing to do with helpers or the ability to go somewhere glamorous for the weekend. Living away from your home country and leaving behind friends, family and a career, throws up a wonderful opportunity to re-imagine a new direction for your life and try something new.  I know so many women who are making these choices and it surely has to be one of the more enduring and meaningful upsides of life as an expat.  It is this entrepreneurial spirit that launched Paddo to Palmy 3 years ago.

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Heidi has an eye for design that is apparent in both her home and business.   By combining a mixture of styles, pattern and colour, Heidi has created a home that is warm and inviting and incredibly stylish.  There are no firm styling rules here, instead there is an intuitive flair that makes this house feel like a home.  To me, the most successful interiors rely on a mix of elements and this home is no exception.  Heidi has cleverly combined Asian, vintage, Moroccan, antiques and modern touches to the home and it all works in harmony.  Nothing in this home feels staged or overly thought.  It is the sign of a clever interior stylist.

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Heidi’s use of colour is a joy.  Bold cobalt blue sits alongside hot pink and coral.  The rug is a vintage kilim, stunning in greys and greens.

Paddo to Palmy chinese painting.jpg
Paddo to Palmy moroccan blanket.jpg

This beautiful Moroccan wedding blanket from Paddo to Palmy adds texture and colour to a plain cream couch.  Heidi’s home is a reminder to break the rules when it comes to styling, rather than match the blanket with Moroccan cushions, Heidi chose patterned fabric from Walter G instead.

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Glimpses of the casual living area.  Heidi loves to search for antique and vintage items from auction houses and has picked up several items which she has lovingly restored.  The royal blue armchairs were found at Lawsons auction house along with the French antique entrance table.  Adorning the walls in the casual living area is a large canvas by George Raftopoulos and two gorgeous works by Oliver Watts, commissioned by Heidi and her husband for their children.

Paddo to Palmy kitchen.jpg

The kitchen overlooks a deck and is flooded with natural light.  Heidi sourced these Thonet vintage chairs from her favourite Sydney auction house, Lawsons, and paired them with an Eero Saarinen tulip table.  The gorgeous large scale artwork is by friend and artist, George Raftopoulos.

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Paddo to Palmy blue girls dress (1).jpg

Porter’s Paints ‘cool blue’ sets the tone for a calming space in the master bedroom.  The bedhead is covered in China Seas fabric sourced through Quadrille and the cushions are a selection from Walter G and from Heidi’s travels in Mococco.

Paddo to Palmy girls room (1).jpg

The electric mix of styles, texture and pattern continues in her daughters room.  The rug is from Paddo to Palmy and sourced in Morocco, as too is the pom pom blanket.  The bedhead is covered in China Seas fabric from Quadrille and a Mark Tuckey stool provides the perfect spot for a rabbit night light.  The ‘artwork’ is a Hermes silk scarf that Heidi no longer wore so decided instead to transform it into a piece of artwork for her daughters room (I am seriously stealing this idea)!

Paddo to Palmy studio montage.jpg

The heart of the Paddo to Palmy business is Heidi’s home studio.  It is here that she designs the fabrics for her fashion label ‘Gisele’, plans her overseas sourcing trips and packs parcels ready to send to her online customers.  In the past year, the fashion side of the business has become Heidi’s main focus with her designs being snapped up by fashion bloggers from around the world – and you can see why – the fashion line echoes Heidi’s interior style…it is effortlessly chic and immensely appealing.

If you love what you have seen in Heidi’s home, you can click on the links in the post to shop the look.  For beautiful fashion, visit Paddo to Palmy.  

Enjoy your week!


Photography: Ken Leanfore

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