Our Favourite Wardrobe Essentials You'll Want to Buy Now

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There are some fashion items that I can’t live without and denim, white t-shirts and sandals are right up there in the essentials category. Whilst most of us buy these items regularly, sometimes nailing the wardrobe basics can be a bit trial and error. It seems like the more basic the fashion item, the more you need to pay attention to cut, fit and fabric. And let’s not even get started on jeans. Such a simple item - but fraught with issues when it comes to size, fit and style.

I recently decided to buy a new pair of jeans while on holiday - I had in my mind a pair of simple everyday jeans perfect to dress up or down as the occasion saw fit - no rips, not skinny, not excessively boyfriend-style-baggy, not too dark and not 1980’s acid wash either. I thought it would be easy. Oh how wrong I was. It was torture. I went from shop to shop feeling more and more despondent.*

So as soon as we arrived back in Singapore I grabbed Delphine, the Lottie Lifestyle fashion contributor, for lunch and grilled her on jeans and the need for good basics. Below is her edit. I’m buying one of everything.

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*In the end I did buy a pair of jeans - hastily I might add, while wearing one-piece bathers straight off the beach and covered in suncream. Let’s just say I DID NOT make a good purchase decision. So, I’m chalking this error up to ‘lesson learnt’ - take your time to buy jeans - and possibly seek the advise of a fashion stylist who knows exactly what she’s talking about.

If like me you need or want fashion advice head to Delphine’s website.


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