Metallic Element

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Metallic skirts are not just for Christmas. They are also not just for night time. I have such a soft spot for metallic that I’m prepared to wear it for any occasion and any day of the week. Now…let me just say there is a whole heap of metallic fashion items that I wouldn’t wear - spray on metallic jeggings? Nope. But a classic pleated midi skirt in a bright silver metallic…? Hell yeah!

I bought a Zara version (similar to this J.Crew one that Delphine is wearing) a couple of years ago and the first time I wore it I was slightly worried that I resembled the tin man. But over time I have grown bold with my metallic fashion choices and love that these items add a touch of glamour and a pop of the unexpected.

So…I handed this metallic fashion obsession over to Fashion Contributor, Delphine, who trawled the internet to bring you the best versions of this skirt that are still available. Be warned - there are very few of these kind of skirts left and they are almost ALL on sale so there are limited sizes available - so if you love this look I recommend you jump on board quickly. (Also, on a side note, we wanted to include a gold pleated metallic skirt in our recommendations from JCrew but in the blink of an eye it sold out. So maybe keep an eye on JCrew if you think you might be interested as they may bring it back due to popularity).

(I love the way DelphiNE has styled her metallic skirt here. It’s dress up / dress down at it’s best - a denim shirt and a pair of bright green high heel sandals) - the perfect date night look.

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Metallic skirt-8 copy.jpg
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Main images: Delphine wears Pleated Metallic Skirt, J.Crew | Denim Shirt, H&M | Green sandals, Zara | embroided clutch, zojora | african Beaded necklace, vintage

Good luck with your metallic skirt shopping - here’s hoping there are still some sizes left for you. This trends popularity is still going strong so hopefully we see more metallic goodness as the year continues.

Until next time, happy Chinese New Year.


Fashion Styling: @atelier.jacqueline | // Photography: @lottieisloving