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I am so thrilled to see you here…


Welcome to…

lottie lifestyle

…the new home of Lottie is Loving!

After a couple of years of blogging I felt it was time to freshen things up so gone is the old logo and name and in it’s place a sleeker more modern version… (if only it was as easy to update myself)!

What can you find here…? Well, some things have stayed the same - you will still find beautiful home styling inspiration under Home and Decor and great recipes and entertaining ideas under Food and Drink. All of my Favourite Places are now under a new Lifestyle section along with some exciting new content.

“On My Radar” is a new weekly blog post where I share with you everything that I love in what I have been reading or listening to recently - podcasts, books, music and articles…think of it as a modern day online ‘book club’ (feel free to read these blog posts with glass of wine in hand!)

I will also soon launch an ‘Ask an Expert’ segment as well - send me all of your burning questions and I will find an expert to answer them for you. Want to know what camera I use for my photography? Or where to find the best French cheese in Singapore? Perhaps you would like to know the best nude nail polish colour or where to find the most flattering white t-shirt…either way, send your questions in. And speaking of fashion…

Eeek! I am so excited to bring you Fashion as it’s own stand alone category on the blog. I have a huge love for fashion and have been wanting to add this into the mix for a while so I am super excited about it’s inclusion and hope you are too.

So, enough rambling from me. I hope you enjoy exploring the fresh content as well as some old favourites on the new and improved Lottie Lifestyle. Oh and make sure you have signed up to the Newsletter so you don’t miss all the fab new posts coming here soon.

Thanks as always for all your support and sticking with me while there was nothing but Instagram running.

Much love.