The Beauty of a Built-In Bench Seat

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I am often intrigued about what influences style.  Where does our sense of style come from? And why is it that we are almost always influenced by the country that we grew up in?  I was aware of this influence when it came to figuring out the entrance to our home.  There were a couple of areas of this house that I felt very sure about before we even moved in.  The entrance was one of them.  It has taken me time to sort it out – but I had no doubt how it was going to look.

I knew I wanted to build a bench seat under the window and that it would have an olive green bench mattress in a fabric that showed some grain…and I knew this was where my Jai Vasicek tiles were going to go and that I would place a black and white cushion here as well (I had originally thought it would be Bonnie & Neil but when I saw this Walter G one I changed my mind on the design – but not the colour).  I even bought this Society Inc mirror back in December – before we even had the house – specifically for this spot.  Sometimes it just feels clear (and other times you have absolutely no idea!)*

The entrance has also become a little slice of Australian design – it is what I am attracted to.  I adore Australian design and style.  I am always so grateful to the businesses in Singapore that are bringing Australian style to our little red dot.  And whatever I can’t get here I order in Australia and ship here or buy when I am home.

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