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Simple additions to the master bedroom can result in a beautiful space in which to slumber. From soft rugs to affordable art I share with you some of my favourite pieces

I’ve decided that it’s high time I made some effort in the bedroom (ahem…obviously I’m referring to the decor!) Seriously though, I don’t think I’ve ever really made an effort to make the master bedroom a truly pulled together space – not since the first home that we bought.  From that first proper home we moved to another house (that we thought was going to be our medium long term family home) only to up and move to Hong Kong within a year.  In that year I hadn’t decorated the master bedroom as the whole house needed work and everything took priority before our bedroom.  Then came our condo living period in Hong Kong where we had zero space to do anything of note and we also never felt settled (each weekend was spent discussing how much longer we would have to live in Hong Kong). I was certainly not creating a ‘home’.  And then came Singapore.  Our first home in Singapore definitely felt like our first proper home in years and I decorated it as I would do had we owned it.  But still I did nothing in our bedroom.

Now I feel like there is no excuse.  We will be living in Singapore for the foreseeable (maybe forever) future.  We love our new home and I’ve finally decided that maybe it’s about time I made our bedroom feel like it’s permanent.  I think this is the point that all expats eventually reach with their homes.  Yes, we are not living in a home that we own but we can end up living in the same place for quite a long time and living with temporary decoration actually makes you feel temporary.

I’m not suggesting you invest heavily on items that can’t move with you – but a little effort here or there can make a big difference.  The biggest issue I have with the master bedroom is it’s size.  It has soaringly high ceilings and is a large square shape.  It is hard to fill and I don’t want to unnecessarily buy furniture that in a future home wouldn’t fit in a bedroom.  So I have some solutions.

Firstly I am going to ditch the regular bedside tables and go with something long and possibly cantilevered like the image above. I think this will be something that I have made rather than buy. Secondly, I’m thinking of having a large mirror made – or perhaps trying to find one (I saw one recently in Originals that I liked).  And then it will be a matter of some new bedlinen and perhaps a second rug to fill the space.

Bedroom inspiration.png
Bedroom inspiration.jpg

My two edits are almost identical.  The only difference really is the bedlinen.  I like to switch things up and if you stick with classic design for some of the pieces then you can easily use two different styles of bedlinen to give your room a different look.  And that way I don’t have to choose between my love of soft French stonewashed linen and the crisp whiteness and playful design of my favourite ‘pegboard’ linen from Castle and Things.  I also quite like moving art around to suit my mood and smaller pieces are great for that.

Bedroom Inspiration 1.jpg
Clean Modern Edit.001.jpg

1. George Nelson ‘Cigar’ Wall Sconce | 2. Castle and Things ‘Charcoal Pegboard’ duvet and pillowcase, ‘Charcoal’ velvet pillowcase, ‘Butterscotch’ lumbar cushion | 3. Oluce Atollo 233 Oro Brass Table Lamp | 4. Kerry Armstrong Girl Bits #7 Girl on Wire Series | 5. Tigmi Trading Boujad Rug | 6. Armadillo & Co ‘Sienna’ rug in Pumice | 7. Castle and Things ‘Pink Pretzel’ artwork

I also need to reupholster our Jardan bed which was a great classic design buy from a long time ago and just needs a refresh.  And maybe consider getting some curtains.  We’ll see on that last point.

Photo Credits: Image 1: Design Project Studio MK27 via | Image 2: Benoit Linero for JeanCharles Tomas Interior Architecture | Image 3: | Image 4: Bautier via